Happy to see light


I want to express my gratitude for a safe left passage onto PCH. How long we had waited for the timing to be right and then dashed to make it to the middle lane. On beach days, we had idled as much as 10 minutes to get out of the canyon. Now we can proceed safely across the road and on our journey. I thank every single person who played a part in helping the 400 or so of us who live up Corral Canyon. Newport Beach is not the only town to have traffic lights. To my knowledge, we tolerate the other signals we have up and down our local roads.

Because, on Saturday, someone missed the flashing warning signal and then the light only means that the driver made a horrible mistake. Yes, drivers will continue to make mistakes, here in Malibu and all over the rest of the world. Yet we use traffic lights to signal people to take turns in an orderly progression. Light or no light may not stop every drunk from causing an accident, but our new traffic signal will give me peace of mind and a clear right of way.

Charlotte Ward