Give me a break!


    Mayor Tom Hasse’s traffic fines and tickets. Give me a break! Let’s look at the real issues behind the individuals that are distributing this as “SCANDAL.”

    Your editorial mentions that someone was distributing the Reuters article through e-mail to the community including city employees. I have asked someone who has received this e-mail spam, and we’ve identified Nidia and Sam Birenbaum as the people sending this e-mail through their local Cookie Cutter/Sam Birenbaum TV show web site.

    Nidia Birenbaum as you may recall was fired by Tom Hasse as a Commissioner, and the retaliation continues. You’ve nailed the others promoting this so called scandal as those losing the election, and opposing the development agreement.

    The article also leads one to believe that Councilmember House and Hasse were holding hands with the deep pocket developers. Mayor Hasse’s traffic fines proves this to be absolutely FALSE, because if he was chumming around with developers, these fines would have been paid and would have never surfaced in a story.

    Mayor Hasse has once again proven that he can effectively govern our city in spite of these angry people attacking him.

    James Scott