Vet set to help


Dr. Lisa (Newell) is the one vet who will see a sick animal in an emergency, especially during holidays without concern about the pet’s status as her established client.

As far as I can tell she is the only vet in Malibu who is willing to do so. She saved my pet’s life last Memorial Day weekend when the Emergency Animal Hospital where my Santa Monica specialist referred me, told me I could come and wait three hours until they had time to see us. It would have been too late by then.

I was also amazed to discover that she was as well informed as my pet’s specialist about the problems both of my pets were having. She is truly a gifted and dedicated veterinarian who gives her time and love to all the animals that she sees. To have her leave will be a tremendous loss to this community. Where else will we get the emergency care that we have come to rely on? (Not to mention the ongoing care!)

Barbara Ketcham