City Urges Residents to Register with Emergency Alert System

Malibu City Hall

Transmitting and receiving critical information has the potential to save lives during large-scale emergencies. This is why the City of Malibu urges all residents and businesses to register their cell phone numbers and email addresses with Everbridge — the city’s emergency alert system.

By registering on Everbridge, users can receive critical information on any device during major emergencies, including earthquakes, wildfires major road closures or evacuations. With the strong possibility of storms, heavy rain, flooding, mudslides and coastal erosion as a result of an impending El Niño, it is important that all Malibu residents take advantage of this emergency alert system. 

“If we need to evacuate a neighborhood because a hillside has collapsed, let the entire city know that several roads have been washed out or tell people where the nearest emergency shelter is, we will use Everbridge,” Mayor Laura Rosenthal said in a press release sent by the City of Malibu. “If you are away from your landline phone and don’t have your cell phone registered, you might not get the message.” 

Everbridge allows the city to send alerts out to the entire city or to specific areas using mapping tools. The system allows users to register disabilities, special medications or special skills and certifications that could be valuable to emergency responders. 

Users can register online at, and a mobile app is available for download on Android or iOS phones and tablets. All landline phones within the city have already been automatically entered into the system. Contact Emergency Services Coordinator Brad Davis at for more information.