Commission ignores will of the people


I write to personally thank all of you for your hard work and dedication to protecting Malibu. As you may have heard, the California Coastal Commission voted 9-0 to go with Joe Edmiston’s override amendment. This is very disappointing.

On June 11, Joe wrote the following: “The greatest demonstration of democracy yesterday! More than 100 speakers at the California Coastal Commission meeting in Marina del Rey and the Commission approved a plan for camping and public access to trails in Malibu! Lots more work ahead, many bumps in the road, more approvals, but at least the Coastal Commission affirmed the right to camp under the stars within sight of the sea.”

I wrote this in response: “Joe, I must respectfully disagree with you. There are overnight campsites available in Malibu today. You can sleep under the stars within the sight of the sea at Leo Carillo State Beach, Thornhill Broom Beach and La Jolla Canyon Beach. I hope and pray that the additional campsites you have proposed in box canyons that are filled with fuel will not be the site of Malibu’s next catastrophic fire. May God bless and protect the environment we all love.”

Our City Attorney wrote an extensive letter to the Coastal Commission outlining the reasons why the override amendment should have failed. In addition, I personally tried to call the Coastal Commissioners to speak with them and invite them out to Malibu, and I could not get through to any of them, except for one whom I left a message for. It appears to me that the Coastal Commissioners will only speak with paid lobbyists or take fancy helicopter rides (at public expense), and not speak to regular people. I am very disappointed. In addition, please remember that the Commissioners are merely appointed, and not elected by the people of the State of California.

I am hopeful the City Council will do whatever we can to protect our citizens and visitors to the fullest extent possible under the law. Please check the City of Malibu Web sites for updates on this matter. Thanks again for taking time to help protect our City. I am grateful that we live in a town with caring people.

Pamela Conley Ulich