Letter: Jetliner Noise

Letter to the Editor

I don’t know what everybody’s talking about. I watch the same planes passing overhead that they do, from approximately the same vantage point, and I don’t see what all the fuss is.

In fact, I enjoy grabbing my (50X) binoculars if/when I can, to try and identify the type of aircraft (Airbus 380, Boeing 767, etc.) and the name of the airline company (American, United, Lufthansa).

To be affected by the noise, the planes would have to be flying low enough where I wouldn’t need my binoculars.

Considering that these jets, typically coming from the north and west, are restricted by FAA/LAX procedures that require them to fly far beyond the airport in order to sync up with other planes in the landing pattern, (making a U-turn, so-to-speak) and proceeding with a westerly approach to the airport, I don’t see how their still-considerably-high altitude over any area in Malibu can create the kind of extreme noise that’s being described. But that’s just me.

K. Geist