Letter: Get Home Safe

Letter to the Editor

PCH is a complex highway -”Malibu’s main street.”

Think. Be alert. Slow down. 

Reduce distractions — no texting and phone usage.

Focus on driving and be alert for the unexpected.

Have a designated driver, Uber or call a cab.

Leave more room between vehicles to increase stopping safety.

If it is raining, or roads are flooded, slow down. Check tire tread depth and air pressure. Speed, combined with water and little tread depth, can actually result in your car hydroplaning — being raised off the pavement — and is a dangerous condition. A minimum tread depth can be far less than what is safe when bad conditions exist. Consider new, safer tires.

After all, getting home safe to your family is the most important.

Please pay attention and slow down.

Get home safe. Happy Holidays.

Meril May