A Rosie future


    Being a responsible pet owner means more than providing food and water for your cat or dog. It means safeguarding your pet with a name and address tagged collar. It means spaying and neutering you pets. In this way, they do not contribute to the cruelty of adding one more animal to the unwanted list

    Over 13 million dogs and cats must be put to death at the shelters annually because they have no homes. If you are desiring a pet, please go to the animal shelter.

    Pet owners allow their animals to breed either because they don’t understand the consequences or they don’t care. Thinking they will find homes for their pets puppies or kittens, they disregard the fact that this means one less potential home for an already homeless animal.

    A sterilized pet makes a better pet, with less desire to roam, tends to be more gentle and less aggressive. It reduces the females risk of contracting mammary cancer as well as eliminating the annoyance of the “heat” period. Males reduce their urge to “mount” and reduces their chance of contracting certain diseases.

    If you have ever seen a bedraggled stray and wished you could do something to help — you can! Have you pets spayed and neutered to make sure it does not contribute to the pet overpopulation problem. If this problem were eliminated it would save taxpayers millions of dollars yearly.

    Jana Harker