Runner David Torrence, Malibu Resident, Successfully Representing Peru

Runner David Torrence wins a mile race in June 2017.

Middle-distance athlete David Torrence whisked into the Peruvian record books twice last month. 

The Malibuite, a runner for Peru’s national team, set the South American country’s record in the mile run on June 1 when he won the event at the Massachusetts-based Adrian Martinez Classic in 3 minutes, 53.21 seconds. 

The Cal Berkley product set a Peruvian record in the 1,500-meter race 17 days later. He ran the competition in 3:34.67, finishing eighth at the Stockholm Diamond League meet in Sweden. 

The professional runner said setting records for the Latin American nation has been exciting for him, running fans in the country and the Peruvian Athletics Sport Federation, the governing body of athletics in Peru.

“I’ve been able to break some records and knock on the door for some of the South American track and field records,” Torrence, 31, said. 

Thirteen months ago, Torrence, America-born, joined the Peruvian National team to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The switch from the red, white and blue to the red and white of Peru was possible because Torrence’s mother, Malibu Realtor Bianca Torrence, is a native of the country.

So far this year, Torrence has run either the mile, 800-meter, 1,000-meter or 1,500-meter in 12 events in the U.S. and Europe. He finished fifth in the 1,500-meter at a Diamond League meet in Olso, Norway three days before the race in Stockholm. The Malibu resident said the two performances were big for him because the Diamond League, a series of International Association of Athletic Federations’ events, is tops in the world. 

“It shows I really do belong,” Torrence said.

Torrence, who has family in Peru, visited the country last September after the Olympics in neighboring Brazil. He was recognized on the streets, met with youth and was honored by the national leaders.  Torrence said he hasn’t been to Peru in several months, but will go there in the fall to train for one of the biggest races in South America in November.  

“I might try to run a camp or two while I’m there,” he added. 


The runner’s next competition is the 1,500-meter at an event in Heusden, Belgium. 

Torrence is currently doing high altitude training in Flagstaff, Ariz. He said darting eight to 14 miles per day around wooded and mountainous tracks in the higher elevation aids him in improving his endurance. 

“I’m kicking my butt almost every day,” he said. “I’m focused on running hard.” 

Torrence is keyed in on the Aug. 4-13 IAAF World Championships in London. There he will compete in the 1,500-meter race. 

“This is the one I really want to make a statement at,” Torrence said. 

The pro runner of nine years said he is hitting his prime now. He credits his work with Altis World, an elite training center in Phoenix, for helping him improve his running.

“Joining that team has been completely reinvigorating,” Torrence said. “For a while I was training alone. While that has its benefits, it can be difficult. Everyone is keen to helping everyone else at Altis.” 

Torrence works out with some of the speediest runners in the world at Altis. 

Despite breaking records this year and being seconds away from breaking the South American record of 3:33.25 in the 1,500-meter, Torrence said when he competes he doesn’t focus on setting records. He is set on beating other runners. 

“More than anything, I want to compete well,” Torrence said. “I really just worry about my placement in races. At the end of the day, I’d rather have a first-place finish than a fast time.” 


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