Letter: Using the Malibu Seafood Underpass

Letter to the Editor

The idea that storm drains under PCH could be used by pedestrians could save lives. Pedestrians could use this underpass as beach access and keep from having to cross PCH. People drive on PCH at speeds that could easily kill a person in a second, making it extremely dangerous to cross. 

Malibu Seafood is a seafood restaurant looking over the ocean on PCH, making this a popular place for beachgoers to have a nice meal. I often drive past Malibu Seafood on hot days and see it packed with people. Many of these people have parked on PCH and have been spending the day at the beach. To get to Malibu Seafood from the beach, you currently have to walk across the busy highway and put yourself in danger. We have the ability to change this and make having a fun day at the beach safer. Why are we not converting this underpass right away so that people do not have to cross this dangerous highway? 

We have the chance to save people’s lives and we are not taking it. I have had to cross PCH at this spot and it is a very scary experience. Cars zoom past you as you sprint to the center divider. From this divider, you are stranded on an island as cars zoom by until the ocean of cars breaks. There is no reason that people should be put at risk if there is a way to get around it. 

Tommy Laubender