Letter: Gridlock

Letter to the Editor

In response to the letter, “The ugly American,” published on June 13

A letter last week headed, “The ugly American,” asserted, “We all watched in horror as America’s Ugly American, with his whole crime family in tow, invaded France and England … “ But the suggestion that Europeans resented President Trump’s visit isn’t true. Anti-Trump demonstrations were miniscule compared to his first trip, and his state visit with the queen went so flawlessly that the mostly leftist British media gushed their approval. When the Obamas attended a similar state dinner, there was an embarrassing moment as the president tried to toast the queen during their national anthem, but nothing like that happened with Trump. Also, Obama demeaned the specialness of the American-British alliance, much to their chagrin, while Trump celebrated it. And Melania looked every inch the international fashion model she’s been all her adult life. Her dress and bearing were so regal she could’ve been one of the royals herself, yet without a hint of elitism: a First Lady America could be proud of. 

In Normandy, virtually every critic agreed that Trump’s speech was pitch-perfect. There were few dry eyes when he lauded the sacrifice of the Greatest Generation from both continents. Even Jim Acosta, the most aggressive of Trump-hating media partisans, couldn’t deny the president’s success. “This is perhaps the most on-message moment of Donald Trump’s presidency,” he reported.

I’m sure the letter-writer is very nice, so why would she call Trump’s family criminal? Does she know of a crime Ivanka, a young mother of two, committed? Or is she a victim of the ugly, cynical Democratic strategy of saying anything to “dehumanize” Trump? I recently met a very nice lady on the beach and we chatted. She started dissing Trump, and when I told her I supported him, she immediately ended the conversation. Tragically, this kind of closed-mindedness, reinforced by the leftist media, has now infected the Democratic Congress and much of the country. But if left and right can’t even discuss issues, how can our government function? Trump-haters incessantly accuse Trump of threatening our democracy, but I believe the real threat is Trump-derangement and the gridlock it imposes.

Rueben Gordon