Obituary: Janet Tascona Lange

Janet Tascona Lange

Janet Tascona Lange passed away on Saturday morning, April 15, 2017, at the age of 56. Born in Canada, she moved to Southern California at the age of two, grew up an avid ice skater, and enjoyed bonding with horses at every opportunity. 

By the time Janet had turned 17, she was working as a clerk at Alpha Beta in Calabasas. Working her way through classes at Pierce College, she met some very memorable friends on the swim team, and eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from CSUN. Between classes and work, she would often sneak a much needed break away to her favorite sailing destination, Smugglers Cove, Santa Cruz Island. Before graduating from college, she became a naturalized U.S. Citizen.

“She always waved the flag proudly in support of our active duty servicemen and veterans,” a loved one recalled.

Following graduation, Janet married her husband of 30 years, and they moved to their first home near Channel Islands Harbor. She became a mortgage broker in Westlake Village and enjoyed helping people with their various financial needs. In her spare time, Janet enjoyed playing chase with her big red-headed German Shepherd named Henry, going for walks along the beach and jumping into a warm pile of clothes, fresh out of the dryer. 

“After moving to Malibu in 1999, she became an accomplished painter and an incredible cook, frequently filling the ocean breeze with the smell of fresh garlic in preparation of one of her many favorite recipes,” a loved one said. “Janet was extremely creative, had a big heart, an unending work ethic, an amazing memory and a broad sense of humor, often finding humor where others never looked.”

She is survived by her husband Mark and will be dearly missed. 

“Skate on in Heaven Janet, until your heart’s content,” a loved one said.