Letter: At the Beach

Letter to the Editor

I have been trying to hire workers for all different positions to work at my catering company. I have advertised on Craigslist, zip recruiter and in local newspapers. I have also asked so many people if they know anybody who’s looking for work to please contact me. As of writing this letter, I have not had a single applicant contact me. I am not alone in this quandary—every restaurant and purveyor that I speak to are all in the same predicament. It would appear that with the extra $300 per week that the government has added to their weekly unemployment benefits, it is more beneficial for the unemployed to stay home or go to the beach. Several middle-of-the-weekdays last week, on my way home from Westlake Village, I witnessed amounts of traffic coming over Kanan from the beach that I only ever see on such days as the Fourth of July. Perhaps I should do all of my advertising at the beach where it would appear that most, if not all, the unemployed seem to be.

Richard Chesterfield