In with the new


Malibuites are looking forward to the new year, back at the old year.

Jon Woodhead

Looking at the president, “For some reason, I believe these are matters that I have no control over, whether I vote or not. I do have control over matters in my personal life, and that’s the only thing I can actually focus on and make a difference in.”

Lee Kaplan

“I think the president did a good job. He was somebody who I had trust in. I think the court and legal problems he has are ridiculous for someone of that nature to be caught up in when we could use his time better running the country.”

Fred Cornett

“Good health, prosperity, and a good government. . . . We’ve been disillusioned [about the government].”

Allan Zimmerman

“To not get into any more trouble. . . . It’s been a very interesting year!”

Nancie Abbott

“My New Year’s resolution is to complete the L.A. Marathon on March 14.”

Howard Spanier

“I’m very optimistic about what the future holds for us here in Malibu. I think the outlook is bright. Growth is a part of what we are and who we are as a people. I think if [the proposed center is] carefully done, we should be excited about what it holds for us.”

Brian Gridley

“To eat more, to drink more and to take more time off . . . [and] to get out of debt.”