Attack of the skateboarders


    While the elections are taking up a great deal of your coverage, we still have to deal with day to day issues. I do hope you will print this, as it seems the only manner in which I can address a large body of people.

    As a long time Malibu resident, I’m disheartened to see the children of other Malibu residents, in disruptive, dangerous and sometimes unlawful behavior. I’m specifically speaking of those in Serra Retreat, and outsiders who are using the skateboard park on Cross Creek Rd., who then avail themselves of our previously quiet streets.

    My neighbors and I have had enough.

    They are skateboarding at ridiculously fast speeds, terrorizing animals and have come close, on several occasions, to causing vehicular accidents.

    They are entering private property to skateboard on driveways, and at times, when asked to leave, do not do so.

    They are continually climbing up and over the electric gates, causing them damage, to the point that some days the gates work intermittently.

    They are using the speed bumps to do whatever it is they do, paying no attention to cars attempting to maneuver through the gates. This is NOT what speed bumps are for!

    In addition to these skateboarders, there are several teenagers who drive their trucks and SUV’s at tremendous speeds through the narrow streets of Serra Retreat. They are a danger to themselves and anyone who is unfortunate enough to be on the road at the same time.

    When it rains they take great delight in driving as fast they possibly can through the puddles. When it’s dry they race over the speed bumps.

    There aren’t a lot of teenagers in Serra Retreat, and I’ve certainly recognized the ones I’ve had the displeasure of encountering.

    Chances are, if you live in Serra Retreat and have a teenager, he or she is guilty of this atrocious, irresponsible behavior.

    We pay a lot of money to live a quiet, safe, peaceful existence in Malibu. Thanks to the disruptive, dangerous, and unlawful behavior by these out of control children, we can no longer make that claim.

    I am taking measures to return my neighborhood to safety. If you are a parent of a child or teenager, would you PLEASE take responsibility for them and open your eyes. Perhaps he or she is not the little darling you think, and could end up seriously hurt because of your lack of attention.

    A Long Time Malibu Resident