This must not pass


    As some had predicted, the infamous Jackson Bill (AB 885) has come to life again. The proposed legislation would “shift regulatory authority for septic system standards /control from local governments, i.e. Malibu, to state water control agencies.” This bill was killed narrowly during the last legislative session. This proposed law has all the superficial trappings going for it–pure water, anti-pollution, a better environment, etc. Who would oppose it? Once it clears committee it will no doubt pass both houses–as all kinds of legislation, wise and otherwise, get through during the frenzied “last days.” The Governor would be hard-pressed to pocket or veto the bill if it gets to his desk.

    What’s wrong with AB 885? It would impose stiff regulations upon all septic systems, regulations developed and enforced by bureaucrats removed–physically and organizationally–from the local scene. Input/recourse from these regulations would be utterly lacking. You may be certain that the typical septic system owner would be faced with the need for spending significant sums in order to meet these arbitrary regulations. This is a step backwards in our efforts to date of “controlling our own destiny.” We fought too long and too hard getting out of the clutches of “mother county,” now to be faced with “mother state.”

    Unfortunately, some misguided and ill-informed individuals in Malibu are urging the county supervisor and City Council members to support AB 885. Let your views be known to the supervisor and City Council that you oppose this Bill–also our Assembly representative and our state senator.

    No doubt, there are some septic systems in Malibu which need replacement/improvement. City authorities should take immediate steps to correct these situations, show that we are quite capable of dealing with these problems.

    Leon Cooper