Into the mix


    I have decided to run for a City Council seat. I believe I will bring to the council table an extensive background in management, technical expertise and a deep knowledge of the city’s problems.

    My wife and I have lived in Malibu for the past 38 years. We raised four children here, encouraged their academic achievements in the Malibu schools and coached their sports teams. I have worked in a wide variety of community efforts and organizations. I serve on the City’s Public Works Commission, Building Appeals Board and Economic Plan Advisory Committee. I served on the city’s General Plan Task Force, Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee, Transportation Study Group, and assisted in the development of the city’s Emergency Management Plan. My commission/committee appointments were by council persons Keller, Kramer, Van Horn and Barovsky. In the past several years I have also served as a member of the Malibu Township Council board, a technical advisor to the Malibu Coastal Land Conservancy, as the Malibu member on the board of the Friends of Arson Watch, and on the board of my homeowners association. I have had leadership positions (e.g. Chair or vice-chair) in most of these organizations.

    I hold B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in engineering, and I am a California Professional Engineer. During the 35 years of my professional career I held executive and senior management positions in a major aerospace company. I am a hiker and backpacker, grow avocados for the commercial market and in my spare time do research in theoretical astrophysics.

    The results of past elections clearly show that most Malibu voters believe the city of Malibu should remain the beautiful residential community it is, with a bounded residential buildout and commercial development limited to that required to meet the needs of the residents. All of the present City Council members seem to be committed to this vision, though each has a different interpretation of these objectives, and a different view of the city’s management and operation.

    Over the past few years these differences have been accentuated by what appears to be rancorous inter-personal relationships within the council, decisions based on personalities rather than data and political posturing. The result has been slow or little action on many critical issues, unclear guidance to the ctaff as to what the council wants and a view by many that our city government is dysfunctional.

    The current council “mix” isn’t working. The chemistry of the council personalities simply seems to be an explosive mix. The recipe needs to change. In the past I have worked well with all of the present council members, and with the city staff. I believe I can be the needed new ingredient which will permit a more unified council to lead the city towards the vision shared by the vast majority of Malibu residents.

    John Wall