Letter: They Say Nothing

Letter to the Editor

Not one parent responded.  Not one parent turned over names. District has said that they can’t do more on cyber bullying.  They promised school they’d use law enforcement but have been thwarted by their own IT investigation’s inability to uncover the site creators.  Why didn’t they pursue it criminally and let law enforcement do the cyber sleuthing?

And finally, where are the parents who stand up for what is right and shake down the cyber bullies?   Come on!  You Webster parents have to send your kids to school knowing that the bullies could turn on your kid and drum your kid and your family out of Webster.  

A disgraceful bullying precedent has been set — nationally and at Webster.  

What good parent is going to set the example for their school, give up the bully PARENTS and say “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”  Take back your school!

 Laureen Sills