Letter: Strange Dogs

Letter to the Editor

I recently experienced the horrific damage a dog can do to a child when it decides to attack. A German shepherd bit my 19-month-old great-grandchild in the face, with both jaws cutting into his forehead and cheek, for no apparent reason.

After seeing how quickly things like this can happen when a dog doesn’t know a child, I am a bit skeptical about letting strange dogs come around children. 

We recently had lunch at John’s Garden, which is a wonderful place to eat, relax, and have the children play. In one corner, a family was even celebrating a child’s birthday.

However, there were too many dogs, and, although they were on leashes, they were very close to the children who were running and playing. I am still upset about our experience and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Isn’t the playground provided in the Country Mart supposed to be a safe place for children? Legacy Park or another place not as full of happy, running children would make more sense for dogs. 

Is there some way that dogs could be prohibited on this play yard?

Our accident did not happen at this location, but a fellow asked about the bandage on my great-grandchild and mentioned that he saw a child holding ice on a bite at that playground. 

I would love to prevent any bites by having a safe place for the children to play. 

Shirley D’Haenens