Guardian Angel


    I’m your Guardian Angel up in the heavens

    Shining down on you

    I’ll stay close beside you

    I’m here to guide you

    And know that I love you too

    Though I could not say goodbye

    I’ll be by your side

    Always remember

    My memories are here with you

    Know that I love you

    Know that I care

    I’ll always be with you

    Though I’m not there

    I’ll look down and smile at you everyday

    I’ll be with you in spirit for always

    Thanks to my family

    For the love that you’ve shown

    Now that life’s plan has shortened my days

    With all of my faith in God up above

    Here in Heaven I’ll stay

    God bless you for all that you are

    And all that you do

    Always remember my memories are here with you

    Now I’m in spirit, my soul is set free

    Just look up to heaven

    In God’s hands I’ll be

    My soul is set free

    Remember me

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