Letter: Mail Failure

Letter to the Editor

I have not read in any of the articles concerning the Post Office problem of mail theft about the experience I had three times and subsequently now I always take my mail to the Post Office. 

The lids of the blue outdoor mailboxes are occasionally painted with glue so that the letters stick to the lid and don’t go down into the storage container. Luckily, my habit had been that after I put a letter in the mailbox, I would look again to see if it went down, and that is how I discovered that there was glue on the lid and my letter was stuck to the lid for anyone to retrieve. I reported it to the P.O. and was told they would clean the mailbox. This experience happened to me in three Malibu locations where the big blue mailboxes are stationed.  And that’s when I decided not to use them any more.

Ellen Reich