Nobu Parking Mess at Planning Comm Tonight – Malibu High Still There – Duke Featured At Concert On Bluffs – Malibu Eclipse Will Be 61%

Police activity Saturday at Broad Beach.

The parking mess at Nobu is back before the Planning Commission tonight. 

In 4 weeks … a solar eclipse will hit Malibu … and we’ll lose almost two-thirds of the sun energy … what does that mean for solar power???This is Malibu’s only local daily news.

It’s the   ((((  Monday  ))) edition … from Radio Malibu  …. 97 point 5 K B U.


For the second time in just over a week.    major police activity at Broad Beach. 

This time it as Saturday morning when a pair of car theft suspects decided to ditch trailing C H P cars by bailing out … in the 31-thousand block of Broad Beach Road. 

A suspected car thief and California Highway Patrol officers arrested one of the suspects in a perimeter set up near Broad Beach, and deputies from the sheriff’s Malibu-Lost Hills station arrested the second suspect about 9:20 a.m.

The car chase started with the sighting of a reportedly stolen car by the CHP in the Oxnard area.

CHP officers chased them to Malibu. 

A perimeter was set up at 7:25 a.m. on Pacific Coast Highway and Broad Beach Road…. from Trancas west.

The Ventura County sheriff’s helicopter arrived …  flying up and down the coast at very low altitude, searching for the suspects on the rocky shore, as California Highway Patrol and Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies ringed the area.

This was the second armed police response on Broad Beach in two weeks, as a domestic abuse suspect was arrested during an armed perimeter last week.


The parking mess at Nobu … Soho House and the Nobu hotel once again is scheudled for a city review. 

This time … it’s the Nobu Ryokan hotel …. the fancy 17-room hotel where prices start at 11 hundred dollars a night.

The city of Malibu has issued a cease and desist order … against the hotel … because it is offering guests use of a lap swimming pool. 

The pool is actually next door … at the old Tidepool office building.

The owners of the ffancy hotel say the have a legal right to use the pool … the city says calling the Tidepool building an office with a private health club would require more parking … and therefore it’s not legal.

Negotiations continue between the city and the adjacent Nobu restaurant and Soho Club Beach House … which have complicated parking-related problems with city rules as well.

The city has told Nobu that it might get its operating permits yanked if it continues to overload P C H with parked cars.

The Nobu Hotel matter goes before the city Planning Commission tonight.

This review was supposed to happen a week ago … but Planning Commission meetings have been going late onto the night recently … with some items pushed off to future meetings.

Last Monday at 10:30 at night …. the planning commissioners pushed this back a week.

Permits for the annual Malibu Chili Cookoff go before the city planning commission tonight.

Also … the summer Concert On The Bluffs will have its proposed permit decided on tonight. 


More details are being finalized for the concert on the Bluffs … which this year is on August 20th … the Sunday before school starts at Malibu’s five public schools. 

This year … Take The A Train … 

The Duke Ellington signature … will be performed by performed by members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

Alan Kaplan … trombonist of the Buddy Rich Band … will be featured.

Also … five members of the New York City ballet … with costumes designed by Morgen Le Fay. 

The musicians form the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Hollywood Bowl Orchestra will play George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue … and concertgoers will explore George Gershwin’s connection to Malibu.

K B U U is a media sponsor of the Concert On The Bluffs … Sunday August 20th at 5 o’clock at Malibu Bluffs Park.


You are listening to the latest news from Radio Malibu … 97.5 K B U.  ((( time  ))))


We told you a week ago … that last Monday was supposed to be the day that the bulldozers start in on the front of Malibu High School.

Demolition is supposed to start on the Administration Building last Monday.

It’s still there.

District officials say workers are still removing insulation and other hazardous material that must be disposed of carefully …. and not just carted off to the landfill. 

We’re supposed to get an alert … when the big machinery will start knocking down the venrable front of the school. 

We’ll keep you posted. 


In four weeks from today … a total eclipse of the sun will cross over Oregon and Idaho … then the Rocky Mountains and the Midwest.

California will get a partial eclipse.

All good fun .. but what about solar electricity??

9 percent of California’s electricity comes from large solar plants … as of last year.

And the state expects that we will see between 50 and 75 percent of solar production disappear during th eclipse.

The solar eclipse will sweep across the country Aug. 21 … and it is is expected to cause a noticeable dent in solar-energy collection.

Utilities and Cal-ISO … the state agency that regulates electricity supply … have to come up with workarounds to meet power demands during the event.

They plan to ramp up output from other sources, including from hydroelectricity and natural gas, and then quickly reintroduce solar power as the sun reappears.

Homeowners and businesses across the state are being asked to make plans to shut things off. 

Even though the totality of the eclipse isn’t passing directly over California — it’s traveling in a curved path from Oregon to South Carolina — it will affect us.

California generates about half of the nation’s solar-electricity-generating capacit

In Malibu … the eclipse will start just after 7 a-m .., and will reach its peak at 10:20 a-m locally.

62 percent of the sun will be blocked by the moon here in Malibu. 


Tomorrow night … the city of Santa Monica will hold its final public meeting on its Downtown Community Plan.

Plans are for residential high-rises … less parking … and office buildings.  will have its last public hearing.

Projects at three sites near the Promenade could be up to 130 feet high. 

Outside the three zones, heights are generally limited to 84 feet.

Housing construction has been streamlined … density has been increased for the much of the  area … and individual projects are required to produce affordable housing.

There’s an excellent discussion of the issues in the Sunday L-A Times … where city manager Rick Cole discusses the future of downtown Santa Monica with the L-A Times architecture critic … Christopher Hawthorne.


Traffic …


Weather for the Malibu ….

It will be ((((   Partly sunny, with a high near 72  )))) degrees today on the beach … ((((   86   )))) inland. 

A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms after this afternoon and evening … but mostly  those will be east and north of us.  

Downcoast winds will be strong … about   (((  20  )))) miles per hour this afternoon.

Sunset tonight is at   ((((   7:59p m    )))).

After that … expect possible thunderstorms to the east tonight … a low of  ((((  61  )))) on the beach … down to  ((((  60   )))) in the canyons.

Tomorrow should be   ((((  windier   )))).

Right now … at Trancas it’s ((((   64    )))) degrees.

In upper Malibu Canyon … ((((    61   )))) .

And at Civic Center Los Angeles … ((((   69   )))).

In the ocean … it’s ((((     66   )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.

The lifeguards say the waves today are   ((((  1 to 2  )))) feet high …. 

((((  Minimal blend of NW wind swell and southerly swell.)))) 

Those are (((( poor to  fair )))) surfing conditions …. according to the lifeguards.

(((((   High tide is at  11:32 AM  4.50H

Low tide is at 4:43 PM .

A 6 point 4 foot high tide will crest at 10:50 tonight.   ))))


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