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Your “news analysis” last week of the Jan. 15 meeting residents held regarding the code enforcement issue on Point Dume was more than a little skewed. You stated that the “meeting got off to a rocky start” when I “showed up and began to debate with some of the attendees.”

For your information, I did not attend or participate in that meeting. I’ve suggested before that you verify your information before you publish it — we’re in the phone book. Your “account” of what happened made the residents holding that meeting appear very rude — and that they were not. Your credibility deteriorates every time you print something like this. I suggest you find more informed informants.

Walt received a notice of the meeting by fax. He could not attend because the council was interviewing city attorney applicants. Since he had met with several of those having code enforcement difficulties, I went over before the meeting to explain why he couldn’t be there, and to offer them copies of the Zoning Ordinance dealing with grandfathering and permitted development in the RR zone which applies to most of the Point. I spoke with Debby Purucker and offered to stay for a short time before going on to another appointment to discuss the origination of the grandfathering ordinance if she wished. She indicated she had copies of much of the original material — so I didn’t feel it was necessary to stay.

As I spoke with her, several people walked up and started talking about their code enforcement problems. Since I have no expertise with this facet of zoning I couldn’t do much but listen. These people were very polite and concerned. There was no debate, and no one asked me to leave. I have never met Paul Majors — as far as I knew Debby was going to chair the meeting. Contrary to being “clearly upset by what had transpired,” I was delighted to have an extra half hour to go to a garage sale before my 11:00 appointment.

Yes, I know – there’s an election coming.

Lucile Keller

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