Code enforcement workshop slated


Following protests at a City Council meeting and in the press, the City Council decided to hold a meeting, which they characterize as a public workshop, next Thursday.

At the meeting, the council will attempt to explain legal nonconforming uses, “grandfathering” under the Municipal Code, occupancy and code compliance, and the code administration and enforcement process. There will be an opportunity for public comment at the end of the meeting.

In their report last week at the City Council’s quarterly meeting, Environmental and Building Safety Department officials Vic Peterson and Gail Sumpter said there were approximately 225 open code enforcement cases as of Dec. 31, 1999, some falling into more than one of the following categories:

Animals, 8

Building without a permit, 70

Encroachment, 6

Fences, 12

Garage conversions, 7

Grading, 16

Illegal discharge, 8

Nonpermitted buildings, 11

Nuisance, 13

Seawalls, 10

Septic, 11

Signs, 8

Trailers (nonpermitted), 16

Vehicles (non-op/abandoned), 2

Zoning, 22

Miscellaneous (abandoned construction, view obstruction, construction debris, merchandise on public ways), 19

The public workshop is scheduled for next Thursday, 7 p.m. at the Malibu Community Center Auditorium, 6955 Fernhill Drive, located at Point Dume Marine Science Elementary School.