Auditing audacity


    Debra Bianco and Remy O’Neill of Cornucopia Farms have asked Councilman Harry Barovsky to apologize for making a motion at City Council to audit the books of all nonprofit organizations that benefit from our city tax dollars. In case Ms. Bianco and O’Neill haven’t noticed, Harry Barovsky has never responded to personal attacks. To my memory he didn’t during his campaign and hasn’t in his tenure of office. The council in their infinite wisdom voted 5-0 to audit the books of Cornucopia Farms and every other organization that receives the largess of our tax dollars. I have two questions. Why haven’t Ms. Bianco and O’Neill asked for the apology of all the other four councilpersons who voted to audit the books of Cornucopia Farms, and why can’t we stop the politics of personal attacks in our city?

    Bud Favilla