Solstice Canyon opens on Friday


The Solstice Canyon section of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area will open on Friday, the National Park Service announced today. Solstice Canyon had been closed since the Corral Fire last November when nearly all the hillside vegetation burned and a vast amount of soil and rock debris fell.

Once the rock fall stabilized, actions were taken to contain the soil and repair roads and trails damaged by erosion, according to the NPS. Also, the remnants of six historic buildings were fixed and hazardous materials were removed. Trees located near trails weakened by the fire were assessed, and some were removed. Culverts and channels were cleared to protect several bridges from the next high water flow.

Additionally, NPS officials are using a variety of methods to remove invasive, nonnative vegetation that has grown in the area since the fire and to encourage the regeneration of native species destroyed in the blaze.

“With its long history of human disturbance, Solstice Canyon provides an ideal location for invasive plants to grow, smothering native species,” the NPS wrote in a press release. “If left unchecked, the area could lose much of its habitat value for wildlife and not filter or clean water efficiently.”

The Solstice Canyon parking lots are open daily from 8 a.m. to dusk. For further information, call 805.370.2301.