Letter: Restore the Cycle

Letter to the Editor

American liberalism is a disaster these days. It is noble to help the poor. Switzerland and Japan have liberal policies — but such policies work in both countries and they have no oil, etc. as we do.

In 1960, Detroit was the richest city in America. However, after 60 years of liberal utopia, that city has been bulldozed (40 percent) due to impossible debt. This has also happened in New York and California.

Liberalism is supposed to help the poor, but it has not worked. It has created dependence. As our free market system no longer works, jobs are gone and you can no longer enter the job market and climb higher. There is only McDonalds. It is time that American liberalism focuses not only on being funded, but on working on its own. America’s politicians have been increasingly focusing on their own riches and not so much on the people’s well being anymore. 

It is great to help the poor, but corporations have been allowed to send jobs out of America and the government is increasingly working above the voters “by decree.”

Let us restore the old cycle of hiring Americans. Elected officials should understand that Americans must again be a priority.

Morten Wengler