Malibu Homeless Count Finds 157 People Living in Vehicles, Tents or Other Shelters

Vehicles parked on either side of PCH near Pt. Mugu

There are 157 total homeless people currently living in Malibu, according to a count conducted by the Malibu Homelessness Working Group on Feb. 12, 2021. 

“Homeless count numbers have been relatively steady with the exception of 2020, which saw a marked increase in the number of people living in vehicles,” a recent city staff report stated. In 2020, the report said, there were 239 homeless people in Malibu, while each year before, the number had hovered between 150 and 180. 

“The sharp increase in 2020 is likely due to vehicle dwellers that moved west into Malibu after new parking restrictions in the Los Angeles County area of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) were implemented in 2019. Malibu has since implemented similar parking restrictions in many areas of PCH, which likely accounts for the decrease of vehicle dwellers in 2021,” the report said.