Must set good example


For the past 10 years I have heard pleas from our high school principal, Mike Matthews, to parents and the community to join him in tackling the ever-growing problem of drug and alcohol abuse among our young people. Every year it only gets worse. More students are involved at a younger and younger age. In his last parent letter, Mr. Matthews mentioned that we have not yet had a MHS student die as a result of drug or alcohol abuse, but that is sure to come. Is that what we’re waiting for? Is that what it will take for us to pay attention?

Even if you’re certain that your son or daughter is not involved with drugs or alcohol, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are safe. How many times have we heard about accidents involving substance abuse resulting in the injury or death of innocent victims? The problem belongs to all of us. As children get older, they pay more attention to how we act than to what we say. What kind of image are we projecting? Are we living our lives the way we expect our children to live theirs? How involved are we with our children? What kind of model are we for our children, our grandchildren, our neighbor’s children? It starts with us. Most importantly, what values are we professing and how well are we living up to them? Our children are watching.

Patti Mehring