City called ‘irresponsible’


    I read in the local newspapers that the city of Malibu is considering demolition of the Teufel residence on Las Flores Canyon Road. Then they are considering applying for a grant to construct a community meeting space in its place.

    This is appalling, immoral and probably illegal. How can the city forget so quickly that the court condemnation of the Teufel home and the fire burned-out residential property of Paul Randall was totally based on the city’s declared need to acquire the property to mitigate severe flood problems and landslide threat.

    The court documents filed by the city July 24, 1996 used terms like: “heavy rainstorms;” “raging torrents;” “need to change the course of the creek to protect road;” “firefighter restricted from access to protect other homes in area;” “unsafe hillside;” “extreme flood and mud flow danger.”

    While you talk about constructing a 3,000 square foot community center, the Teufels and Randalls have had their property stolen from them on a false premise. The courts only ruled in the favor of the City because they claimed an overwhelming need to have the property to correct creek conditions and because of the extreme hazards. This most likely depressed the price the city paid for the property to these long-time Malibu citizens.

    Will every citizen of Malibu fear condemnation from a less than honest council or is this property truly a hazard and should not have any constructed facilities? Should an environmental impact report be required to determine if there is a flood hazard? Will anyone ever give a grant in this hazard zone?

    I will be sending a copy of any council action to the FEMA to demonstrate the city is irresponsible .

    Should the Teufels and Randalls receive more for the loss of their home and property if the city uses it for a community center?

    You better all think about this because the financial impacts of your actions may have severe consequences, not withstanding the possible loss of life and property if you place people in a landslide threat as the city claimed to the court.

    Paul Randall

    Blanch Teufel