Why I missed church on Mother’s Day


    I know it is not necessary to explain one’s absence from church, but I want to because I had such a good excuse. My wife, Dorothy, and the mother of my two children wanted to go on the Million Mom March–and, in addition to me, both my son, daughter and a grandson were going to the march also.

    We have sort of a simple theology and test for our behavior. Our God is not a tall man with a long beard who performs magical tricks. Our God is LOVE. We test our behavior by asking what would Jesus do in a particular situation. We really do not think that Jesus would be a gun owner–we do not own guns. We do not think that Jesus would be pleased that people have so little faith, and so much fear, that they have to have loaded guns in their homes. If this is a Christian nation, we find it hard to realize that we are literally awash in guns.

    So we missed church to march on Mother’s Day because we hope that our country will develop a more rational attitude about handguns and that the number of people, particularly children, killed by guns can be greatly reduced.

    Chuck Green

    PS: Before W.W.II, I was on the Border Patrol so I had to carry a gun, and it did not make feel any safer. I knew that everyone else could see that I had a gun, but I did not know if they had guns. It made me concerned as to how I might be able to get the drop on the “bad Guy.” I realized that I had to depend on something more substantial than a gun.