Mistakes now, serious consequences later


    We certainly agree with Arnold York that “Good leadership means that from time to time you have to have the nerve to say, ‘No, you can’t have whatever you want.'”

    Where we disagree is to whom we are saying it.

    First, Mr. York has mischaracterized the Trancas Property Owners Association stance vis-a-vis the Trancas Town development in saying that for almost 10 years its position “is pretty much that the only acceptable compromise is ‘nothing.'”

    The home owners do not seek to stop the development, but they do want the developers to take steps to ensure that the construction of these 15 houses and 52 town homes, which will be situated nearby uphill from Broad Beach, does not alter the water runoff patterns in a way that will threaten their neighbors below. Mistakes made now can lead to serious consequences, which can be fixed in the future only at enormous cost, if they are reversible at all.

    Even if we accept the judge’s qualifications in this case as “the head probate guy,” his remarks that the Trancas Property Owners were acting like “outlaws and renegades” seems ill-considered and intemperate and certainly not very judicial. As Malibu grows, as it must, we are all going to be living closer together, and as that happens what occurs on your property is going to have more and more of an effect on mine. The Trancas Property Owners have good reason to be alert to any possible impact of a sizable development next door. And they are certainly entitled to their day in court without being called names.

    Marshall Lumsden