Letter: Don’t Split Your Vote

Letter to the Editor

The Malibu City Council candidates Rick Mullen, Skylar Peak and Jefferson “Zuma Jay,” Wagner deserve your support. They are logical, practical and effective, something sorely needed in our city.

Peak and Wagner’s records speak for them. The new member of this team is Mullen, but his background also speaks for itself. I suggest you give it a Google.

I personally have known Mullen for years, and I can tell you I’m greatly impressed. I’ve seen him in action, as a fire captain, in the midst of a crisis. He gets that you can’t demand respect, you have to earn it, and he’s clearly earned my respect. Open, easy to approach, never using his authority in a way that suppresses communication, he’s not a problem starter, he’s a problem solver. Rare and hard to find, especially when in a position of authority.

My family has been in Malibu for over five generations — more than 80 years — and has seen lots of things go wrong, including incredibly bad decisions by the council. We need real leadership, a team that can invite folks to action, not incite folks to inaction and divisiveness.

We need a team that will bring us together, that’s why it is necessary to put into office a team that can work for the good of the entire community. That team is Mullen, Peak and Wagner. 

Don’t split your vote and allow the team to be broken. This is a group of professionals that can consider and balance the needs of all of the various constituents in this community from businesses to homeowners, parents, teachers, sports teams and environmentalists.

Glen & Monli Gerson