Noisy scooters not wanted

I am writing this letter to find out if there are any other people in the community that share my concern about a growing annoyance. Motorized scooters seem to have become all the rage amongst young boys this summer. I am all for kids having toys and being able to get around on their own and actually found these scooters fascinating when I first saw them. But now, at least eight children on my street own them and Sunday’s consist of races being help up and down the street for hours at a time. These scooters have small two-stroke engines on them fairly similar to chain saws. This causes them to make a great deal of noise. More than leaf blowers or chain saws. So now my peaceful summer Sunday afternoons on Point Dume are filled with the constant buzzing of these scooters. This past Sunday, after two hours of constant buzzing, I reached my limit and called the local Sheriff’s Department to find out if we could put a stop to the races. I was informed that the scooters were legal to ride on residential streets and that cul-de-sacs like my street were the preferred locations for riding them. I am writing this letter to find out if anyone else in Malibu shares my horror at the amount of noise pollution these ‘toys’ are creating and to ask the parents of the children who have these scooters to please be considerate. Use them to go places; don’t ride back and forth on the same stretch of street all afternoon in a group.


An annoyed Point Dume Resident

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