Ignoring the facts


I think Rick Wallace has ignored a lot of recent history. For instance, 9/11 occurred nearly a year into this president’s watch. How has that egregious failure kept our country safe? Or does Bush get a free ride on that little mishap.

I am also unclear exactly how a destabilized middle east, increasingly radical narco-state in Afghanistan and inflamed nuclear power Pakistan has made us safe. These are the direct result of massive Bush mistakes and mismanagement. How does no attack on U.S. soil conflate with Bush action? The Martians haven’t landed either, or has not been reported on Fox, so is that a Bush success?

Bush has degraded American citizens’ rights, ignored the Constitution, instigated a campaign of acting without congressional oversight and stonewalled every attempt to get at the truth.

That doesn’t seem to bother Rick, who is content with Bush’s impenetrable, though quick, knee jerk responses. By the way, Bush’s approval at the end of 2001 was near 90 percent. And it wasn’t that half the country believed he stole the 2000 election that his popularity dove to a still-bewilderingly high 27 percent. It was the massive corruption, incompetence and political viciousness of his administration that did it.

Bush squandered a budget surplus, world solidarity and domestic support by invading Iraq using specious reasoning. Many of Bush’s detractors justifiably see Iraq as diverting us from stopping our enemies, crippling our economy and devaluing American ideals. The evil Rick complains about may be closer to home.

Bob Karpuk