Noiseless Saturdays


    We have been reading with added interest the letters in your paper during recent weeks about construction here in Malibu. Today’s letter in particular motivated us to write a letter of our own. The letter you published that was written by the Board of Directors for the Malibu Contractors was so rude in nature to someone (Kay Patterson) who had previously written a letter to express her own valid opinion. Ms. Patterson’s letter echoes our own feelings that there should be a stop to construction in Malibu on Saturdays. It is nearly impossible to avoid the banging of hammers and the sounds of other building tools and equipment when there is a construction project in the immediate area.

    The mocking nature of the letter written by the contractors mirrors the discourteous attitude of several crews we have come in contact with on various weekends, when asking them to please try to hold down the noise and also to ask them to halt work when they were working beyond the allowable hours. They just didn’t care.

    If there was a measure on the future ballot banning construction on Saturday in Malibu, we would gladly vote in its favor.

    Stephen and Liz Connors