No to woodland ordinance


    The following letter was sent to Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and the Regional Planning Commission.

    As fires rage across the West and here in California it is disappointing to think you would support a woodland ordinance that is designed to create even more of a tinder box out of our rural communities. How soon the bureaucrats forget the death and destruction caused by the ’93 and ’95 Topanga-Malibu wild fires.

    The Woodland Protection Ordinance is a fatally flawed scheme and Regional Planning needs to take it off the table. Lightning is not a problem in these hills. Arson is. Arsonists don’t care about protected woodlands and thickets.

    Homeowners must comply with the demands of California Fair Plan and the L.A. County Fire Department. Maintaining a fire-safe property is an expensive endeavor for everyone. There is no excuse for burdening property owners with obstructive laws, more taxes and increased insurance premiums. What in the world was Regional Planning thinking about?

    Nancy William

    50-year resident