Letter: Whose Rights?

Dear “Name Withheld,” (“Keep thinking,” 3/2/17) 

Well, yours was a very touching story and your house guest is a very lucky individual to have found refuge by way of your generosity, but illegal “criminals” who have killed, robbed or raped are definitely NOT worthy of the same basic human rights and human decency as law abiding American citizens. Period. 

Only in the minds of the leftists is this crazy criminals “equal” rights notion a reality. What about the basic human rights of their victims? Oh, that’s right, they don’t have any human rights because in many cases they’re dead. Additionally, one homeless illegal day-laborer sheltered from the long arm of the law, who may or may not have a criminal record besides the fact that they have already violated United States immigration law, does not a “sanctuary city” make. When (as) more local residents begin harboring illegals (criminal or not) and when we begin to see squatters’ tents scattered across the front lawns throughout Malibu, then maybe “sanctuary city” status can be attained and validated, but I doubt that many residents are going to be as welcoming as you have been. 

By the way, I’m a homeless person too, currently living out of my car — not complaining. Oh, but I suppose since I am a respectful and responsible college educated, law abiding American, with no criminal record, who was born in this country, who’s worked hard all my life, played by the rules and have always kept my nose clean… I wouldn’t qualify for a guest room, would I?

Ken G

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