Planetary Themes for the Month of December

Astrology forecast


A shift will begin for you when your planetary ruler, Mars, enters Aquarius on Dec. 4. While you can’t hide from some of your added responsibilities this month, your independent streak begins to come out. The rebel in you may feel like breaking free from obligations. Think twice before acting on your impulses. 


If you have been having some difficulties budgeting your money or with over-indulgences, Venus’ entrance into Capricorn on Dec. 10 can help you get a grip and develop more discipline. Your ambitious and materialist side also comes out more. A shift in your belief system can lead to a resolution of internal issues. 


You can be full of life and exuberance this month as Mercury transits Sagittarius through the 16th. Your adventurous side comes out after Dec. 4, and the urge to travel or explore new areas in your life. After the 16th, you can take on a more serious and pragmatic view of things. After the 23rd, that inner spark gets reignited. 


You may have a harder time accomplishing daily tasks and staying organized this month. Make a “to do” list each day. After the 4th, you can feel like letting go of some emotional issues of yours and moving forward. After the 10th, personal relationships and/or children in your life take on a more serious tone and importance. 


This is the month you can get into the flow for more fun, romance or love in your life. Your desire for more adventure and to explore new areas gets activated. After the 4th, personal relationships can heat up. You can also attract some new and unusual types of friends. You begin to take a more serious outlook after the 21st. 


The emphasis is on family related matters, entertaining and even making some improvements in your home. After the 16th, you can get into a better flow for accomplishing things in the material realm. You may feel like being less methodical and more risk taking this month. Try not to overdo it. 


You can be the one that shines in your community or social arena this month. You can make new friends more easily and expand personal relationships. Your mind is also very active with new ideas. After the 11th, you may get distracted with added family- or work-related responsibilities, but that doesn’t stop you from living it up. 


Be on the lookout for new money-making opportunities through the 14th. Family or domestic matters are an area of focus for you. The good news is Saturn leaves your sign on the 23rd. This can only help you lighten up and not take things so seriously. Explore new areas for fun or adventure during the last week of the month. 


You continue to be in a cycle for attracting more love and abundance in your life through the 10th. Your personal magnetism can take you far. Your independent side is strong as well as the willingness to experiment and do things in different ways. On the 23rd, Saturn enters your sign. It’s a time for a reality check. 


You may be feeling like being more behind the scenes, but be of good cheer, Venus enters your sign on Dec. 10. It’s a time to shine and let your personal magnetism do the talking. You can attract the things you desire and the expression of more love. After the 23rd, your urge for more freedom can’t be ignored. 


On Dec. 4, Mars enters your sign. This helps energize you with more strength, vitality and the courage to move in the direction of your dreams. By the 21st, you should have a clearer idea of a new direction to move in. Social involvements can lead to new friends and personal relationships can take on more importance. 


Career or work-related opportunities are present through the 14th if you can stay organized and avoid moving in too many different directions. This is a good month for doing inner work and letting go of things from the past. Your social life takes on more importance and can lead to meeting some important or influential people.