Prince Charming Leaves Gift Behind

William "Bill" Phipps

The man who voiced the character “Prince Charming” in the animated Disney classic “Cinderella” is now being remembered as a real-life Prince Charming. William “Bill” Phipps, who was a breakfast regular for decades at Lily’s Café in Point Dume, died June 1 at the age of 96. Although he led a simple life, according to his Malibu friends, he left a sizable fortune from his more than 50-year career as a journeyman actor in Hollywood. Besides his notable performance in the 1950 full-length feature, Phipps landed roles in scores of popular mid-century westerns and sci-fi films and later transitioned to hundreds of guest-starring parts in television. Phipps left $125,000 to the HayesTough Foundation to support kids battling cancer. The late Malibu resident also left $100,000 to the Green Beret Foundation. Other philanthropic gifts could be announced soon. 

Phipps was a World War II Navy veteran. 

His friend Barbara Sottile of Malibu said she was “blown away” by how private and humble he was.