Photos: Channeling Picasso

Adults choose a print and begin working with acrylics on canvas at Art Trek: Picasso Portraits, held at the Malibu Senior Center on Friday afternoon.

A large group gathered at the Malibu Senior Center for Art Trek: Picasso Portraits class on Friday afternoon. 

Novice painters, as well as more refined artists, gathered acrylic paints, paint pallets, brushes, canvases and a print from artist Pablo Picasso’s collection of portraits. 

At the beginning of class, Art Trek art educator Lorelle Patterson spoke about the many styles of portraits Picasso painted throughout his lifetime, and then encouraged painters to let go of fear, let the artist within emerge and begin to paint. 

“What’s the worst thing that could happen?” Patterson said throughout the class. 

Pencils were used to sketch the outline to match what the students saw in the print. Conversation was minimal as students intently focused on their pieces—intermittent bouts of laughter helped break the tension.

Patterson guided the students during the two-hour class and helped them to connect with the emerging artist that exists in all of us. Students of all levels left with at least one portrait painting and others were able to complete two.