Letter: Changing Parties

Letter to the Editor

Sorry Arnold, time to break off. As a lifelong Democrat in California, I can’t support a party that has left me. Where has the center left gone? It was bad enough the fringes accepted socialism, but when they have raced past that to Marxism, it is a little too much. I am now an Independent. It’s been increasing hard to justify my party’s acceptance of Antifa, bullying, the whole Kavanaugh debacle, accepting over $200 million from Sorus and seeing California putting funding for its citizens aside for noncitizens. I have to put my family first, followed closely by God and country. If the economy is good, I won’t complain. As the story goes, “When you are young, you are a Democrat if you have a big heart, and when you get older, you are a Republican if … “ Well, you know the rest. I guess I finally grew up.

Bill Ernst