Letter: The Local aka the Local Enquirer

Letter to the Editor

There is a paper in town calling themselves The Local. It is commonly known in the community as the Local Enquirer. Their obvious goal is to tear the community apart by publishing negative messaging, rather than providing quality unbiased news to our community. Outside of its low readership base, I am surprised that businesses would dare advertise in a gossip paper because it reflects negatively on their establishment. 

If this paper were truly local, they would want to bring Malibu together, and would not be slandering fellow Malibu citizens for their personal agenda. They seek out editorial articles, much like Jerry Springer does, and then slap one of their editor’s names on the article making it seem like news. 

They print gossip and opinion to slander members of the community simply because they have the means to do so. They are a disservice to the rich history of Malibu. It is time that the Malibu community stick together and tell business owners to stop advertising in The Local, and if they continue to do so, we’ll stop patronizing. This world would be a much better place without trash like this, both environmentally and intelligently.

Jean Kingman