One of us


A child has been killed from our neighborhood.

One of us.

Raised in privilege among the beauty that surrounds us all. “It won’t happen to us?”

The Iraq issue is perceived by half us of as “invasion” and the other half as the “war against terrorism.”

The loss of a child obliterates that line … a child from our neighborhood has been killed in Iraq! Who is right doesn’t matter. A child from our neighborhood died thinking he was defending America and democracy.

What ever you think of the conflict, the price of these opinions is played out on the broiling battlefield in Baghdad and we couldn’t possibly know what the circumstances really were for this child of our neighborhood. He was there for us … fighting for our country and he should be honored as a real hero. Who cares what each of us might feel about what side is right and what side is wrong … a kid in from our neighborhood was killed in Iraq.

Our family will honor this child with our prayers and long discussions about what the price of Mr. Bush’s policy really means … one of our kids died for this administrations war on terrorism.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to our dear Mrs. Schelkopf at Malibu High who was there for this child while he struggled through his difficult teens.

Whatever side you stand on … a child from our neighborhood is gone.

Think about that.

Laureen Sills