Deputy released from hospital following traffic collision

Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Deputy Doug Duval was released from Saint John’s Medical Center on Saturday after being hit by a vehicle Friday while crossing the street in the Malibu Colony Plaza parking lot.

Lt. Pat Davoren said Duval did not break any bones, although he is sore.

Davoren said it will not be known until after an investigation concludes whether any charges will be filed against the unidentified woman who drove the vehicle that struck Duval.

Deputy Mark Winn, who was one of several officers called to the scene, said that at approximately 9:15 a.m. on Friday, Duval was walking across the street portion of the parking lot in front of Starbucks when he was struck by the vehicle. Winn said the sun was blocking the driver’s eyes. He declined to release her name.

The woman’s car had a Texas license plate, and she responded to another person who called her “Samantha.” The suspect declined to talk to The Malibu Times or give her full name. Another deputy said she was either a Pepperdine professor or student.

A witness who was in the outside eating area next to Starbucks when the incident occurred said she did not see the collision because she was facing the other way, but she heard it.

“I hear someone yell ‘Stop, stop, stop,'” said the witness, who did not give her name. “Then I heard somebody scream, and I heard what sounded like bones crunching.”