Letter: Save our Nation

Letter to the Editor

Carl Sagan said that, today, none of us are able to repair even the simplest of our electronic gadgets.

Should an electromagnetic pulse weapon be unleashed on America, almost everyone would be dead within one year unless, as many say, someone comes up with hundreds of container ships refurbished into troop transport ships (which is being done right this minute, by the way) carrying food and basic necessities to help us stay for decades.

Will America be punished for standing by Iran with $150 billion, or will only the people who made that happen be punished?

Remember, America is not mentioned in the Book of Revelation. There is a mention of the great Babylon that everyone did business with and made fortunes, which claims that the great nation people looked towards now is but a wasteland.

What should we do? If we all humble ourselves and turn back to God, perhaps America will be saved. If not, America is sadly doomed.

Morten Wengler