Down the Wrong Road

No doubt climate has changed. But Jerry Brown’s claim that wildfire size and frequency are due to climate change is false narrative. His believers ignore such facts as the majority of wildfires are caused by vehicles, debris burns, campfires, arson, power lines, lawn mowers, fireworks, target shooting and lightning. Also, populations have pushed housing into hinterland geographies, which cannot be protected as well. 

Yet, no one questions Brown’s remarks and this sort of climate change hugging can send us down the wrong road—if one even exists. 

Brown claimed “the drought is over” after one rain, reduced disaster relief from $52.7 million to $8.5 million, yet continued his super train visions when California firefighting resources were being fought over (spruce beetle issues/equipment). And Brown calling wildfires “the new normal” is macabre and addle-minded, a reflection on those who cannot think it through, and insulting to the rest of us.

This “new normal” is convoluted and lacks a logical thread, but explains why Californians believe removing plastic straws creates a significant environmental difference when water bottles outweigh straws 20-49 times. 

Let me leave you with this: 11,000-15,000 years ago, the northern ice cap was nonexistent; Alaska was 15 degrees Fahrenheit warmer; there were a mere five million people worldwide; and carbon dioxide levels were far less. None of the man-mades we blame global warming on existed—yet the ice caps had melted. 

Using global warming to cover for bad management is the old Kansas City shuffle. 

John Koman

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