Golden opportunity


When will the naysayers in this city understand that ball fields, community learning centers and parks don’t come from continued yammering? They come from action. Kudos to our City Council for stepping up and having the guts to get Malibu a share of this college bond money. The City Council could have done nothing, and ended up without having a say on how the money from Measure S would be spent. Instead, because of their pluck, Measure S will provide for an equal partnership with Santa Monica College and the City on how the money will be spent for parks, ball fields and a community-learning center. For the first time in the history of Malibu, all of the political factions have agreed on something. There are buyers standing by to develop the Chili Cook-off site with a 100,000+ shopping center if Measure S fails. A small school building where we can attend lectures and have a Community Center is far more desirable.

Anne Hoffman