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I was pleased to see your article confronting the problem of teen- and young-adult suicide. Recent studies show that the majority of young people attempting or committing suicide lack a spiritual life. The absence of spiritual education and an understanding of their spiritual nature often leads them to believe they have no purpose in life.

Organized religion is one way of becoming spiritually educated. In the past several years, though, it has gotten a very bad rap. Some of it may well be deserved. In general, religion has been painted as rigid, judgmental and out of touch. As one who was raised in the church home that my children now attend, I can attest to the fact that organized religion has become more tolerant, less judgmental, and leaders and members alike are sincerely searching for practical ways to help others. My involvement with the Interfaith Association of Malibu (IAM) has shown me that other religious organizations in our community are doing the same. The services rendered by our religious organizations include youth groups, day care, musical training, pre-school, spiritual education and much more.

Organized religion may not be the answer for everyone, but if you don’t give it a chance, how will you ever know? We have students in our Sunday School today that come from homes where each parent comes from a different religious background. Or, in some cases, the parents are not religious at all.

More and more people are realizing, though, that some form of spiritual education will benefit their children.

Two important benefits are: 1. The knowledge of a deeper meaning of life gives that life purpose, and 2. Helping others blesses the giver as well as the receiver.

For more information about the Houses of Worship in our community, see the last page in the Malibu Directory or a listing of current information in our local newspapers.

Thank you,

Patti Mehring

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