Malibu Seen: Heart of Glass

Malibu’s Eli Broad 

He’s modern, contemporary, innovative and experimental—the combination of all those elements have made Philip Glass one of the most dazzling names on the local art scene. That much anticipated program and others have the Los Angeles Opera and its chief local supporters like Malibu’s Marc Stern and Placido Domingo looking forward to one of the most exciting seasons to date. 

The company proudly announced that Glass’ “Satyagraha,” will be performed. Like the perfect recipe, add in a little of Mozart’s “The Clemency of Titus” and dust it with a world premiere by newcomer Ellen Reid and you’ve got musical magic. 

“Satyagraha,” is the last in a trilogy about world-changing thinkers. It delves deep into history and uncovers 200 years of history presented in four languages. 

The program explores Gandhi’s early years in South Africa. It also celebrates the opera’s fifth Glass production in just the past six years.

Other memorable performances include “Einstein on the Beach” and “Akhnaten.”

If you’ve never heard a Philip Glass concert, be brave. You might find it worth your while.

LA Opera’s No. 1 superstar and general director Placido Domingo steps into the limelight and into the role of Rodrigo in Verdi’s “Don Carlo.” 

Look to blow out some candles as it is an LA debut for him and a 30th role in LAO’s 33 years as a company. 

If Glass and Domingo have you hungry for an opera encore, there’s plenty of it. 

Other headliners include “Hansel and Gretel,” courtesy of Engelbert Humperdinck, thank you very much. 

For a little extra fairy dust, there’s Verdi’s “La Traviata.” Bravi!



Speaking of contemporary classics, Malibu’s Eli and Edy Broad are two of the greatest modern art collectors on the earth. Ever since its opening, The Broad has had the longest lines in town filled with art lovers hoping for a peek.

A few years past, Malibu Seen had the privilege of viewing the collection in a private audience and I must say, even if you are not a modern art fan, you couldn’t help but be blown away. 

Besides Andy Warhol’s Marilyn in platinum fairy dust, Jeff Koons’ whimsical creations, vintage Elvis and Alice in Wonderland’s Jolly Green Giant furniture, there is an impressive collection of Jasper Johns’ red white and blue old glory, which should not be missed. Lines outside the Broad museum start early and end late, but just one look and you’ll see why it’s the hottest ticket in town!